Legal consultations

We offer legal consultations to both legal persons and individuals.

Our legal services are related to the regulatory framework of various spheres:

  • Development of a physical or legal person’s insolvency proceeding application for the court, and consultations;
  • Help in solving disputes related to labour rights;
  • Assistance in civil disputes in the field of commercial rights, including debt collection in judicial or extrajudicial manner. Arbitration services;
  • Help in issues related to apartment rent and housing rights;
  • Solutions for real estate operation in pre-trial and post-trial proceedings, when the property is to be exempted after the bailiffs request;
  • Preparation and analysis of Contracts, real estate alienation, mortgage, etc., company contracts, lease and rental agreements, employment contracts, royalties agreements, escrow agreements, contracts of authorization, etc.;
  • Inheritance cases, preparation of inheritance lawsuits, etc.;
  • Administrative rights, challenging of administrative rules and the institution’s actual conduct (administrative violations, disputes related to road traffic issues, etc.);
  • Application to the court for a divorce, distribution of marital property, child care and daily access rights;
  • Representation in the courts, etc.

Consultation price from 25 EUR.

Our lawyers have helped many individuals to achieve positive results in a variety of legal issues.

If, after discussions with our lawyers, you understand that you need help, sign a contract for the provision of legal services and our experts will be involved in solving your problems.

We can also help in:

  • Company registration (capital companies, as well as association, funds, private companies, joint stock companies), as well as registering changes in the board of members, address, statues, capital increase and decrease, company and association liquidation, etc.
  • Further assistance on legal and accounting issues (contracts, monthly reports for the State Revenue Service, etc.);
  • A new LLC - 50 EUR*;
  • A new fund, foundation, association - 60 EUR*;
  • Changes in the LLCs board of members, address, owners or extension of the mandate- 40EUR*;
  • Changes in the LLCs capital etc. - 50EUR*;
  • Registration of a VAT payer - 25EUR;

Consultations on registration – free of charge.

*) state fees and VAT not included.

Other services are also available for companies and individuals.

Sign up for a legal consultation by calling +371 299 05 195