Nowadays, there are two types of audits - internal and external.

The main aim of an internal audit is to evaluate the company’s qualitative and quantitative indicators, and to identify possible high-level risks. Of course, after each internal audit the auditor must submit a report on the control performed, including defects, irregularities, risks, as well as recommendations for solving these problems. He also must inform the company management or the particular officer of cases where the previously highlighted deficiencies are not remedied.

The external audit intends to clarify the operational condition of the company’s financial and business activities, and to verify the company’s accountants accuracy in Annual Reports.

An audit, whether external or internal, is a great way for a company or organization to clarify its operational efficiency and to receive important recommendations for improvement.

In order to understand how and how well the company’s management system is working, the company’s management board needs to have reliable information and a professional evaluation. It can be submitted by an auditor.

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