Accounting services

"ILEAR, Ltd." offers:

  • full accounting services for limited liability companies, individual merchants, doctors and self-employed persons;
  • computerized accounting with 1C program in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Latvia;
  • preparation of all necessary reports and submission to the SRS and other government institutions;
  • preparation of Annual Reports and declarations;
  • representation at the SRS;
  • consultations on accounting issues.


Prices of accounting services are determined by two main criteria – the base package price and additional services.
Price of the base package depends on the number of employees, number of the incoming and outgoing documents, checks and vouchers. The base price includes timely management of the accounting documents initially submitted by the client, preparation of financial reports and submission to the State Revenue Service, copies or registers, as well as monthly filling of ledgers.

Number of documents per month

Price EUR (without VAT)

to 30


from 31 to 100

from 121 to 170

from 131 to 230

from 171 to 250

from 231 to 300

from 251 to 340

from 300 to 500

from 341 to 550

More than 501

from 551


Should the amount in your company be smaller, the price will be reduced.

Additional services are services that are not needed by all companies. If your company does not need them, the price of these services is not included. If the company works in a specific field and any of these services are needed, here are the corresponding prices:


Price, EUR (without VAT)

Adding a new employee to the company

2 Euro

Table of business hours

2 Euro

Records of goods - warehouse

2 Euro per unit


15 Euro/pcs.

Records management

20-40 Euro/month

Operative balance

90 Euro/pcs.

Statistical reports

15 Eur/pcs.

Representation at SRS

35 Euro/hour

Development of the company's methodology

70 Euro

Tax consultations

35 Euro/hour

Tax consultations to own clients

Free of charge

Preparation and sending of invoices

2 Euro/pcs.

Registration of a new company

From 70 Euro

Annual Report

Monthly fee


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